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Expand your business with The House of Staunton-brand Chess Products!

We have a unique opportunity for your company to partner with the leading manufacturer and distributor of luxury board game products. 

We understand that each company is different and that your company has its own unique needs and requirements. We have designed our Reseller Program to provide maximum flexibility, offering both Wholesaleand Dropship purchase options, which will allow you to select the items and terms that best suit your company. Whether your company is web-based or has physical location/s, has been in business for many years or is new, you will find that our two purchase options make it easy for your company to offer our products. With the House of Staunton Reseller Program, you have the option of both types of purchase options.

Wholesale Purchasing allows your company to purchase House of Staunton-brand Chess products in bulk at significant discounts, allowing you to maximizing its profitability.

Dropship Purchasing allows your company to virtually offer House of Staunton-brand Chess products with no financial investment. We will handle all aspects of order fulfillment. All that you need to do is send us the customer and shipment details and we will ship the products directly to your customer. With this program, your company can offer all House of Staunton-brand products and you won't have to spend a single dollar on inventory.  

If you are interested in becoming a House of Staunton Authorized Reseller, please click here for a copy of our Reseller Application. Once your application has been approved, we will send you additional information our Reseller Program.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.